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I am so proud of our community. In a time when we all could have fallen apart, our community has strengthened. Even with nearly no in-person gatherings this entire year, relationships have deepened, and our community has grown in meaning. On the few occasions we have had in-person meetings, our members have flocked to take advantage. At Rosh Hashanah, hundreds of us gathered for a socially distanced shofar blowing. During Chanukah, we gathered in small groups nearly every night to light candles, and on the last day of Passover, hundreds will gather again for a socially distanced ending to our Spring festival. By accepting both the necessity of virtual gatherings and the limitations of in-person events, we have kept each other safe while trying to figure out how to navigate our world this year.

As you may know from Joe's letter, we are moving toward another in-person opportunity for gathering. In the next few weeks, we will begin having outdoor services, first on Shabbat morning to accommodate B'nai mitzvah families and eventually on Friday nights. Whether on Friday nights or Saturday mornings, we will be limiting the number of in-person participants to 25 individuals. On Saturday mornings, we have allocated 20 spots to our B'nai mitzvah families and reserved three spots for community members. If those spots are not filled by the end of business Thursday, we will let the B'nai mitzvah families know, and they will be allowed to fill those spots with other guests. For Friday night services, we will ask that members only sign up once a month. However, if spots remain open by the end of business Thursday, anyone may sign up for that spot even if they have attended services in the last four weeks. Of course, we will continue to stream all of our services on zoom so more members can attend. We will circulate the sign-up form in our weekly email on Thursdays, and a hyperlink will be placed in the calendar for members to sign up as well. We will continue to wear masks during services and social distance, even though we are outside, hoping that more of our members will feel safe attending.

We are optimistic about the future and looking forward to being back in our building as soon as we can be. This summer will be sending out an anonymous survey to our members to gauge vaccination numbers for our community. With data on the congregational vaccination rates, we will make informed decisions about returning to our space for High Holy Days and beyond. While we cannot mandate that our adult members receive vaccination, we do believe it is a Jewish commitment to get vaccinated if one is able. We know there are circumstances where vaccination is not an option, and especially to protect those members, it is incumbent upon us to work to preserve life.  At the time of this publication, all of our senior staff members have been vaccinated.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

As we enter spring and approach the end of the school year, I want to take this opportunity to share my gratitude for our TBE community.

Thank you… everyone who participated in this year's TBE Purim Silent Auction benefiting our School Scholarship Fund. More than 90 items and experiences were donated to our auction. That's nearly three times as many as last year! Participants collectively bid more than 330 times! Together, we raised more than $4200, more than twice our goal and three times what we raised last year! We are overjoyed at our community’s generosity and commitment to providing Jewish education for all our members, regardless of financial status, and we cannot overly express our incredible appreciation! our 16 volunteers who delivered our Torah Toolbox updates each month through the 2020-21 school year. As we have engaged in online learning this year, we have been providing school supplies for all our Hebrew School and elementary Religious School students to lessen the burden on families. In September, students received large, individual, and personalized containers to store their supplies. We dubbed these containers their Torah Toolboxes. Each month, we have prepared updates for each student, and our volunteers have delivered these individual bags to all our students throughout Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. We could not have done it without our volunteers! all our teachers who seamlessly transitioned to a new format and new curricula designed for online learning. We made this year work thanks to your efforts and care. all our families who also transitioned to a completely new way of doing Religious & Hebrew School. Your participation and willingness to try made this year the success that it has been. our Religious Education Committee and to our amazing school staff members, Emily Alter (no relation) and Sarah Davidson, as well as Nikki Richardson and Isaac Ellis.

We knew it even before the pandemic, but the experience of the past year has confirmed and re-affirmed just how incredible our community is. Together, we have accomplished something great. Thank you all!

We have recently passed the one year mark of our Covid shutdown. This year has been a year like no other in the memories of nearly all of us on earth today. As I write this message, the season is struggling to decide whether to bring a warming hope to our small corner of the world or to remain freezing just a little longer to make sure we are really ready for what comes next.

I can barely remember what things were like prior to our turning inward, staying distanced from one another, masked, and not being able to socialize except through a computer. I really look forward to being able to be together without fear, though finding that comfort with being in closer proximity to one another will take time, so I’ll probably keep the mask for a little while longer than suggested and keep distance for both your sake and mine. These are the unfortunate remnants of this pandemic experience that will take time to erase.

However, I cannot erase all of the positives that have come from this experience either!

For some of us, our world has become much smaller and our connections to one another became much deeper. It wasn’t by design necessarily but it definitely is a happy outcome of our resilience and the power of zoom programs, services, and social events. It came from being able to learn from a guest scholar who lives miles and oceans yet just a click away. We hungrily welcomed them into our homes to learn about Jewish life abroad, hear music, explore liturgy, grapple with questions of life and death, etc.

One program that really brings this reality home is the Sunday Brunch Series Myriad Voices from abroad. Hearing the sounds and unique stories of musical members of the Jewish community from all over the world was a true gift of the magic of zoom. We already visited Paris, Cuba, Moscow and Argentina, and will prepare to learn about the Jewish communities of India (rescheduled date TBD) and Brazil (April 24). Such a program could never have happened under our former circumstances. Meeting, hearing and speaking with these interesting people has made the Jewish world feel closer and smaller. I look forward to the day when leisure travel becomes comfortable again and we can go to visit our new friends.  

Perhaps that day isn’t so far off since many of us have received our vaccines and many more will be eligible in the weeks to come. I am grappling with ways to continue to stay connected with my zoom cohorts as we prepare to reengage with the outside world. How we prepare for our desired shift to a community setting where we can gather and interact safely will determine so much about who we are and who we want to be as we emerge into the light.

Are you ready?
On September 1, 2020, TBE, along with ten other Jewish organizations in Washtenaw County, launched LIFE & LEGACY. This four-year program, funded by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, provides a variety of resources to Jewish communities throughout North America to help them build endowment funds for financial stability.

The first step for donors is to sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) form, indicating the intent to provide an afterlife-time gift to one or more Jewish organizations in our county. The initial goal was to obtain 18 LOIs in year one, and 25 by the end of year two. I am thrilled to announce that by the time you read this article, TBE will have 36 – Double Chai - LOIs!

How did we reach this milestone? First of all, we have strong leadership in Rabbi Josh, Cantor Regina, Melissa Sigmond, and TBE President Joe Pollak. Secondly, we have a dynamic LIFE & LEGACY team, chaired by Judie Lax and me with Alan Cotzin, Becky Hankin, Margaret Hannon, Wendy Lawrence, Evan Mirsky, Marc Kessler, Stephanie Newell, and Melissa Sigmond (ex officio). Thirdly, we have amazing congregants who have shared with us the many ways that TBE has enriched their lives and the lives of their families. In particular, time and again, we hear how much they appreciate how TBE has kept us connected this pandemic year.

Over the past seven months, we have hosted several Zoom gatherings where members have learned about the program, the differences between expendable and endowment funds, and the various ways to make a legacy gift (i.e., a bequest, percentage of a retirement account or life insurance policy, cash). We’ve also had one-on-one meetings, over Zoom, to talk with congregants in a more informal setting.

So, what are our goals now that we have “over-achieved” our initial goal of 25 LOIs? We want to continue to talk with congregants about LIFE & LEGACY and explain why endowment funds are critical to secure a strong Jewish future. We also encourage congregants to think about the big picture – making sure their wills and/or trusts reflect their values and their legacies. We recommend congregants have conversations with their families about all the legal and health related documents they need to have in place so that their families know their wishes.

There are resources about LIFE & LEGACY here on the TBE website:

We will be offering information sessions about LIFE & LEGACY, as well as about will and estate planning. Please be on the lookout for these. But in the meantime, if you have already made a legacy gift or you would like to learn more, reach out to Melissa or anyone on the team. We can talk privately on the phone or set up a Zoom meeting at your convenience. We can also provide you with suggestions for financial advisors and estate planning lawyers.

As we reflect on the one year anniversary of the pandemic, I’m so proud of the way Temple Beth Emeth and our community has found new ways to join together - from a safe distance!  This includes the Social Action Committee, which has been nimble and responsive. For example, with leadership from Miriam Shaw, we held both sock and glove drives to benefit the Delonis Center and people experiencing homelessness. With the intense focus on racial justice stemming from the killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery… the list goes on… our congregation responded with action and learning, including a fabulous series led by Rabbi Whinston and Chuck Warpehoski entitled the Inner Journey of Anti-Racism and a new congregational statement and resource page on our website.

To continue this work, we invite you to join us for the Social Action Committee Congregational Read: “The Color of Love” by Marra Gad, a memoir of a mixed-race Jewish girl raised in Chicago during the 70's and 80's. Marra grew up in a Reform Jewish family going to religious school, Hebrew school and attending summer camp at Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute, a Reform Jewish camp in Wisconsin. Her story reminds us that we still have far to go to bring about racial justice and equity and it is not only for others. Right here in our own congregation we can make a difference to embrace people of all races and to welcome and respect all Jews.

We encourage you to read the book in April and join us in May for discussions virtually and socially distanced, in-person under the outdoor tent. Dates and how to RSVP coming soon! Copies of the book, both paperback and Kindle versions, are available through the
TBE Library. The Ann Arbor District Library also has paperback and CD copies available.

As always, we welcome your input and participation in shaping what social action at TBE looks like and how we can be an inspired, inspiring, and impactful congregation in our community. We have ongoing initiatives such as the Back Door Food Pantry and supporting Alpha House, but we also have project-based opportunities to get involved such as planning the June of Justice programs with a focus on gun safety, food insecurity, racial justice, and LGBTQ equality. Our committee meets the third Monday of each month at 7:30 pm. Join us!

- Naomi Goldberg (VP for Social Action) and Abbie Egherman (Social Action Committee Chair)

Would you like to engage in ONE on ONE conversations with TBE congregants to discuss what’s important to you? We’re interested in listening to what’s on your mind. We aim to informally discover common concerns in order to provide new TBE educational programming and opportunities for social action.

For more information or to sign up to participate, please email Simone Yehuda at, or call the TBE Office at (734) 665-4744.
by Midge Cone

Everyone deserves food and shelter. Before the pandemic, one in seven inhabitants of Washtenaw County experienced food insecurity. These numbers have only grown during the COVID19 pandemic. En masse, members of Washtenaw County have taken advantage of social service agencies offering food and shelter this year. These are our friends, families, and neighbors.

There are many organizations in Washtenaw County that have offered and continue to provide services to our community during this crisis. We have so many people and organizations to be proud of; I will use this platform to uplift a few amazing efforts and organizations that are doing work to take care of our community during this immediate crisis.

Food Gatherers
Food Gatherers donated 7.8 million pounds of food to those in need throughout the pandemic thus far. They were able to do this by increasing staff, distribution, and partnering with U-M, local restaurants, and community food banks.

Jewish Family Services Specialty Food Pantry
In response to COVID19, Jewish Family Services Specialty Food Pantry began feeding neighbors through weekly delivery of prepared meals. On top of providing 28,000 prepared meals to feed our neighbors, JFS Specialty Food Pantry’s incredible volunteers have already provided groceries to 14,000 members of our Washtenaw community throughout the pandemic.

When hard-working homeless shelters such as Delonis Shelter and Alpha House were full under limited-capacity regulation due to COVID, the City of Ann Arbor allocated extra funds to help vulnerable residents with emergency needs, as well as providing shelter in neighboring hotels.

While we can be proud to know that our community network in Washtenaw County showed up for our vulnerable neighbors during the acute need that is the COVID19 pandemic, the systemic issues that got us here will not dissipate with vaccine roll out. Food insecurity is a systemic issue. Homelessness is also a systemic issue. I will close with sharing an organization dedicated to promoting systemic change. MAZON is a national organization inspired by Jewish values fighting to end hunger for people of all faiths and backgrounds in the United States and Israel. By promoting systemic change through better policies at the federal, state, and local level, MAZON ensures that our local policy makers protect and strengthen federal nutrition programs. They advocate for public policies that address the cause of hunger, and provide educational tools for empowering the next generation to continue this important work.

Join us on June 11th when the Social Action Committee will be hosting Shabbat. Together we will pray and learn about actions we can take to alleviate hunger, and support those without homes in Washtenaw county. We invite you to donate to MAZON to honor the work being done in our community and the work we have yet to do.!/donation/checkout

March is Social Work Month. Temple Beth Emeth offers a special thanks to those who have labored tirelessly during this unprecedented year and is proud of the over 30 members currently working in the field. In a recent talk with CEO of Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County and valued member of TBE since 2000, Anya Abramzon, she wasn’t surprise to learn so many of her fellow members were social workers. “When you think about it, it makes sense,” she said. “Social justice, giving back, Tzedakah, it’s a beautiful channel for Jewish values.”

For Abramzon, emigrating to the US at age 19, and the help she received then, inspired her to shift from the history and law she had studied in Russia to pursue her MSW at the University of Michigan in the Jewish Community Leadership Program. She interned at Jewish Family Services in 1994, under the guidance of the esteemed Susan Sefansky. Abramzon made such an impression that, in March 1997, Nancy Margolis, Executive Director of the Jewish Federation and JCC proposed she become JFS’s first full-time (and only) employee.

While it would be easy to say the rest is history, Anya’s accomplishments at JFS are so numerous and so significant that they warrant being recounted and reflected upon. Today JFS employs 100 people, offering dozens of services to Washtenaw County residents, leading to the hard earned CARF accreditation in 2009--all delivered in the spirit of Jewish values and tradition. Abramzon has devoted herself to transforming JFS into a sustainable force for good. She collaborated with local entrepreneurs and business people and opened the Herb Amster Center in 2011, and continues to find revenue to support the non-profit mission.

Perhaps most notably, under her leadership, JFS has achieved what few organizations have: in the face of the pandemic, JFS services have grown and enhanced. Rising to meet the needs of the community, JFS adapted to a virtual, safely distanced social service delivery enterprise meeting the needs of the elderly, food insecure, immigrants, and those seeking counseling and job support. Friendly visiting transformed into “Comfort Calls”; transportation services adapted to new safety guidelines; food pantry staff transitioned to delivering food to families and the elderly. JFS worked in tandem with area agencies and congregations to process financial assistance requests, and social workers offered counseling, delivered groceries and medical equipment, and connected folks to community services through virtual programing. But that’s not all. Recognizing the unmet needs in the community, JFS became the area’s most recent Meals on Wheels distributer, offering specialized nutrition such as Kosher and medically tailored meals.

Today JFS is stronger than ever, and when asked what she was most proud of, the ever humble Abramzon redirected credit to her team: “I am proudest of our team, our staff, board, committees and partners. They all know, at the end of the day, it’s not about us, it’s about the community.”

Happy Social Work Month to Anya and to all the social workers in our community.

- Congregational Social Worker, Rebecca Nieubuurt
(734) 219- 5354 – Call or email me anytime.
During this pandemic year, without the annual reminder of high holy day tickets, our congregation had a longer than usual list of families who hadn't renewed their memberships. Around Chanukah, we still had 150 families that we hadn’t connected with. Our Membership Committee made the effort to reach out to the people on that list, and during our conversations, a common refrain was “I just don’t feel connected” or “I haven’t gotten involved.” Especially during the pandemic, when in person connection is hard, my advice is to take the first step!   

The first way to become involved is social. Join a group: WTBE; Brotherhood; the Kol Halev Choir.  Classes can be social too and help you engage with others. The morning blessings group that began during the early part of quarantine and has continued ever since has become so cohesive that they are planning a congregational retreat for next year to bring TBE members together in person for a fun weekend of study, worship and community.  Most things are still happening virtually, which in some ways makes it easier to try out a group and decide whether it might be a good fit. Cook dinner with WTBE or join one of their happy hours, study Talmud with Rabbi Daniel, or join Women's Torah Study with Cantor Hayut.

The second way is leadership. We are always looking for people to step up and become leaders within our community. We have many active committees and project-based groups. If you have an interest, there is probably a committee that serves that part of the temple and you’d meet and connect with others who have similar interests. The Membership Committee would be happy to have you join us if you’re interested in welcoming new members and organizing events. The Pulpit Committee does things like plan for the High Holy days and the upcoming Drive Through Plagues for Passover. The Development Committee makes sure we have the financial support to do all the things we want to do. The Education Committee has worked to improve our religious school. The Social Justice Committee is interested in getting to know you through their one-on-one interview program. Either Rabbi Josh Whinston or Executive Director Melissa Sigmond would be happy to talk to you about committees that are currently active. Taking the first step and getting involved results in deeper and more meaningful connections, and a more diverse and inclusive temple leadership; the first place we look for nominations to the Board is often our committees.

I would also be happy to have a conversation over zoom or a COVID-conscious coffee to try to find groups or committees that would help you feel more connected and part of the community at TBE. Please reach out if I can be helpful in any way. We want everyone to feel included and connected.

Candace Bulkley (she/her)

by Cathy Marshall

Are you concerned about climate change and how it will impact future generations? A group of TBE Social Action Committee members is forming a Dayenu Circle to take action on climate change, and we would love for you to join us.

Dayenu is a multi-generational movement of American Jews confronting the climate crisis with spiritual audacity and bold political action. Dayenu Circles across the country enable us to mobilize overwhelming Jewish support for climate solutions and raise up a spiritual, religious, and moral voice in response to the climate crisis. Working in concert with other Dayenu Circles across the country, we can advance significant national climate policy while also working locally within our community.

Our tentative first meeting date is Wednesday, April 28 at 7pm on Zoom. The plan is to come together as a group to set goals and create an agenda for change. If you are interested in participating, email Cathy Marshall at – or, just look for the meeting notice on the TBE calendar in late April and show up to the first meeting!

Let’s do our part and take on climate injustice together – join the TBE Dayenu Circle!!
In Spring 2022, TBE is hosting a 3-day weekend retreat – and YOU are invited!

The working theme of the retreat is: How to get more out of your prayer life and how to continue to deepen your experience over time.

Basic retreat details, to date:

  • WHEN: Friday morning through Sunday afternoon April 29 - May 1 or May 6 - 8, 2022.
  • WHERE: A camp or retreat center within 90 minutes of TBE
  • COST: $150 - $350 per person including meals.
  • LODGINGS: Hotel-style rooms, cabins, or dorm-style shared rooms
  • WHO: This will be an adult retreat but activities for children/family members will be available, if there is demand for them
  • ACTIVITIES: Study, prayer/Shabbat worship, socializing, campfires, dancing and song, opportunities for outdoor activities

If you are interested in participating in the retreat, please fill out this Interest Form – this is not a commitment, just an expression of interest.

If you have any questions or want more information, contact Deborah Katz at, 734.657.5049 or Cathy Marshall at, 313.300.0579
Please note the Back Door Food Pantry's new banner, designed by our Coordinating Committee member Dave Gitterman, affixed facing Packard Street on the white brick wall of the Genesis campus . We are hoping it will help us attract increasing numbers of patrons to our Thursday outdoor food distribution from 4 to 7pm. Never requesting any proof of need, we continue to welcome everyone needing food who arrives while we are open.

We send thanks to our crews of volunteers who unpack BDFP's Tuesday and Thursday deliveries from Food Gatherers and make up brown bags of non-perishables and plastic bags of fresh produce which supplement the pre-filled COVID-19 boxes and assorted perishable food distributed on Thursdays. We are also very grateful to all of our dedicated distribution shift volunteers, braving some extremely cold weather, always masked and socially distanced from one another as our patron families drive up or walk up for contact-free distribution.  

We are truly grateful for all of the support from our volunteers, sponsoring congregations, and donors. Reconfiguring the Back Door Food Pantry the past four months to provide COVID-19-safe, outdoor food distribution with volunteers and patrons masked and socially distanced has been challenging.

Our most recent treasurer's report included the unexpected news that TBE members donated over $10,000 to the BDFP in February! Thank you all for your extremely generous financial support and all of your contributions of time and nonperishables.  

For further information contact BDFP co-chair Ellie Davidson at
Congratulations to

Daniel Gankin

Aaron Jane
Oliver Morgan
Mindy Collis
Joshua Behringer

Jonah Kaplan
Jacob Lebson
Sula Steiger
Brady Weiss
Heather Shriberg
Adult Education Fund
In memory of Martha Stein, from Ed Stein & Pat McCune
Stephen & Wanpen Modell

With thanks to Barbara Burstein-Heller for everything she does, from Laura Wallace
In honor of the birth of Van Davidson, son of Sarah and Dustin Davidson, from Terri Ginsburg & 
    Jeffrey Spoon
In gratitude for Genesis and the lovely Erev Thanksgiving Service, from Richard & Linda Greene
In honor of Christine Modey receiving the Genesis Humanitarian Award, from Murray & Esther
In honor of the Bertcher family: Corey, Terese, Katie, Sam and David, from Carlo & Ellen Parravano
In grateful appreciation of Hillary Handwerger, from Michael & Lisbeth Fried
In memory of my uncle Jake Solomon, from Deb Schild
In memory of Seymour "Sy" Marvin Rosenwasser, father of Mark Rosenwasser, from Noreen &
    Raymond De Young
In memory of Renee Saper, from Kathi and Rick Cohen
In honor of Natalie Palay for all she does for so many, from Kathy & Steven Rhodes
In memory of Hugo Chaim Adler and Selma Adler, from Marianne & Ron Aaron
With thanks to Barbara Heller-Burstein, from Laura Wallace
In honor of Gloria Fox's 75th birthday, from Grace Boxer
In memory of our loving parents, Earl and Civie Pertnoy and Florence and Harvey Blumenstein, from
    Sandi Blumenstein
In loving memory of your father and grandfather, Irving Borowitz, from Jenn, Brad, Josh and Becca
In honor of Leanna Cossman's birthday on January 17, from Barbara Cossman
In memory of Harry Rubin and Jenny Rubin at the time of their yahrzeit, from Fran Weinstein
In memory of Arnie at the time of his yahrzeit, from Judy Spellman
In honor of my friend and Zumba teacher, Karen Silverman, from Fran Weinstein
In memory of Melissa Safirstein, niece of Ruth Petit, from Fran & Jack Weinstein
In memory of my wonderful brother, Mark Heller at the time of his yahrzeit, from Barbara Burstein
In memory of Arthur Greenspoon at the time of his yahrzeit, from Margaret Pooler
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Carol Rhodes
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan and his many years of friendship, from Pamela Ramseyer and
    Ellen Gordon.
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, May his memory be a blessing, from Terri Ginsburg and Jeffrey
In memory of our dear friend Peter Freedman-Doan, from Sharon and Marlene Katz
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Julie Shouldice
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Barbara and Danny Burstein
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Randy & Peggy Holtzman
In memory of Peter Freedman Doan, from the Temple Beth Emeth Board of Directors
Remembering the life and generous spirit of Peter Freedman- Doan, from Jim and Trina Fuller
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Cathy & Jack Marshall
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Bonnie & Jim Keen
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Alan & Bette Cotzin
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Aaron & Melissa Sigmond
In memory of Herbert and Leni Fromm, from Ron and Marianne Aaron
In memory of Steven Russman's dad, Paul Russman, from Deb Odom Stern
In loving memory of Peter Feedman-Doan, from Ellie and Ed Davidson
In honor of my sister, Gail Rosenblu, at the time of her yahrzeit, from Fran Weinstein
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Steve and KathyRhodes
In honor of our six grandchildren, from Edward & Ellie Davidson
In memory of Richard Petit. May his memory be for a blessing, from Nanette Gill
In memory of Richard Petit. Your absence will be felt by many, from Danny & Barbara Burstein
Abbie Egherman
Howie & Lisa Saulles
Ralph & Deborah Katz
Edward Stein & Pat McCune
Deb Odom Stern
Judy Spellman
Danny & Barbara Burstein
Linda Korobkin
Theodore & Wendy Lawrence
Rachel Levy
Charles & Julie Ellis
Kenneth Handwerger
Marian Cohen & Sheldon Ginns
Avishay Hayut & Regina Lambert-Hayut
Deborah Schild

Cantor's Discretionary Fund
In appreciation of Cantor Hayut's constant support during Chuck Scott's illness and as we mourn his
    death, from Deb & Ralph Katz
In memory of Hillary Handweger. Forever remembered, forever missed, from David & Mary Anne
In honor of my niece Sasha Chandler who celebrated her birthday this month, from Deb Schild
In memory of Gennadiy Nemtsov & Boris Gankin, from Leonid Gankin & Maria Vilinskaia
In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Lion Morse grandson of Linda and Richard Greene and son of Rebecca
    and Kyle Morse, from Kathy & Steven Rhodes
In appreciation of Cantor Hayut for her extraordinary effort and imagination continuing programming
    during COVID, from Corey & Terese Bertcher
In honor of Cantor Hayut's leadership during these challenging times, from Grace Boxer
In memory of Doris and Larry Sperling, and in honor of Cantor Regina Lambert-Hayut, from Anne
    Sperling and family
In appreciation of Cantor Hayut and her work with Kol Halev, from Mona and Ed Goldman
To celebrate Marianne Aaron's 90th birthday, from Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
In appreciation of Taylor Flowers whose musicianship, technical knowledge, and patience have been
    invaluable to Kol Halev’s zoom performances and rehearsals, form Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
In memory of Chuck Scott, beloved brother of Deb and Ralph Katz, form Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
To remember Richard Polenberg, emeritus professor of American History at Cornell University, from Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
In appreciation of Cantor Hayut and Avishay Hayut who do so much to add ruach, energy, music,
    and empathetic sensitivity to TBE and its congregants, form Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
To celebrate the marriage of Rachel Katz, to Aaron Struminger, form Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
To celebrate the marriage of Adam Gitterman to Emily Fridman, from Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
In celebration of Andrew Little's marriage to Caroline Cahill, form Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
In honor of Cantor Regina Lambert-Hayut and Avishay's 23rd Wedding Anniversary, from Judith
In honor of Cantor Regina Lambert Hayut and Avishay's 23rd Wedding Anniversary, from Gloria
In appreciation of Cantor Hayut’s work with Aaron during the pandemic, from Matthew Jane &
    Lauren Gold
In memory of my beloved aunt, Esther Kessler on her yahrzeit, from Deborah Schild
In honor of Cantor Hayut's birthday, from Richard & June Swartz
In memory of Richard Petit whom was a vital part of our community. With love, The Moyers: Bruce,
    Gayle, Alex, Elyse, Justin and Lara

In appreciation of today's "Myriad Voices" program featuring the trio of wonderful Jewish musicians
    from Argentina. It was an outstanding musical experience, from Nancy Kaplan

In appreciation of Cantor for bringing to TBE the voices of our people. What an amazing program this
    is! From Ann Mark

To Cantor Regina for coordinating musical programming from around the world for the Ann Arbor     
    Jewish community to enjoy, from Bette & Alan Cotzin

Betsy Mark
Jill Cohen

Caring Community Fund
In profound appreciation for everything Cantor Emeritus Annie Rose does for our community, from
    Marc Kessler
In memory of Philip Margolis, from Elliot Gertel
In memory of Albert P "Pete" Pickus on his Yahrzeit, from Nancy Pickus, Miriam, Peter, & Matthew
    and their families
In memory of Phil Margolis, from Jerry & Deanna Weinberg
In memory of Efram Milestone, from Marcia Karp
In memory of Our Dad, Our Grandpa, Our Hero, from Dario & Barbara Merlos
In gratitude of Cantor Emeritus Annie Rose for providing wisdom, guidance and comfort for everyone
    participating in the Mourning & Mitzvah classes, from Marc Kessler
With gratitude to Cantor Emeritus Annie Rose, from Betsy Yvonne Mark
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Marilyn Scott
In appreciation of Annie Rose for leading the Mourning and Mitzvah class, from Bonnie & Jim Keen
In loving memory of Arlene Dietz at the time of her yahrzeit, from Paul and Jamie Sharkey

General Fund
In memory of Phil Margolis, from Alan & Kathy Bloom
In memory of Elayne Levitt, from Jay Silverman & Lois Godel
In memory of Marilyn Jeffs, from Jay Silverman & Lois Godel
In memory of Alice Baunstein Frank, from Annette Fisch
In memory of Saul A. Frank, from Annette Fisch
In memory of Alexander Daniel Frank, from Annette Fisch
In honor of Deb & Ralph Katz for their help and support, from Fern Katz
In memory of Philip Margolis, M.D., from Ray Waggoner, M.D and Nancy Waggoner
In memory of Dr. Philp Margolis, from Lynn & Harvey Klein
In memory of Hillary Handwerger, from Edward Kimball
In memory of Martha Kimball, from Edward Kimball
In memory of Deborah Katz's brother, Chuck Scott, from William & Merrily Hart
In memory of Hillary Handwerger, from William & Merrily Hart
In memory of Phil Margolis, from William & Merrily Hart
In memory of Dr. Phil Margolis, from Bette & Alan Cotzin
In memory of Eileen Rothenberg, from Gary & Wendy Rothenberg
As we couldn’t be together in person this year, we would like to support the continued success of
    TBE, from The Renaissance Group
In honor of our clergy and staff, from Marty & Kathryn Ludington
In honor of the 23rd anniversary of Regina and Avishay Hayut, from Susan & David Gitterman
In memory of Jim Keen Sr., father of Jim Keen Jr., from Ronnie Shapiro
In memory of Isaac Wierba, father of Liz Wierba, from Ronnie Shapiro
In memory of Mary Newell, from Stephanie Newell
In memory of Hillary Handwerger, from Stephanie Newell
In memory of Irving Ensfield, from Susan & David Gitterman
In appreciation of Marianne Aaron for her generosity and thoughtfulness, from Susan & David
In loving memory of Yehuda Oren at the time of his first yahrzeit, from Dalit Oren
With thanks to Rabbi Whinston and Cantor Hayut for being so very accommodating and enabling our daughter, Sula Steiger’s Bat Mitzvah, from Ethan Steiger & Simona Goldin
In memory of Fae Weiss, at the time of her yahrzeit, from John & Sarah Weiss
In appreciation of all the hard work of the staff and clergy to make sure that our community thrives
    during the pandemic, from James, Jr. & Bonnie Keen
In memory of Edgar Coapman on his yahrzeit, from Rebecca & Fred Hankin
In memory of Melissa Safirstein, niece of Ruth Petit, from Ronnie Shapiro
In memory of George Bornstein, husband of Jane York Bornstein, from Ronnie Shapiro
In memory of David M. Katz, from Fern Katz & family
In memory of Jay J. Meltzer, from Greg & Toby Lewis
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Greg & Toby Lewis
In memory of Sander Levin, father of Barry Levin, from Ronnie Shapiro
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, husband of Ketl Freedman-Doan, from Ronnie Shapiro
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, from Judy Freireich-Moyer
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, husband of Ketl Freedman-Doan and father of Rachel and Anya,
    from Dave and Susan Gitterman
In memory of Dr. Bernard Meyerowitz, from Neal Belitsky & Charlene Kawchak-Belitsky
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan, husband of Ketl Freedman-Doan, from Donald & Julia Levitt
In memory of Sander David Levin, father of Barry Levin, father-in-law of Stephanie Levin,
    grandfather of Sarah and Samuel, from David and Susan Gitterman
With thanks to Barbara Heller-Burstein for her program "Stress and the Immune System," from
    Women of TBE

With thanks to Linda Greene for her program "Introduction to Jewish Meditation," from Women of

In memory of Melvyn Korobkin at the time of his yahrzeit, from Daniel Korobkin
In loving memory of Pearl Dietz at the time of her yahrzeit, from Paul and Jamie Sharkey
In memory of Shirley Levitt, from Donald and Julia Levitt
In honor on Sander Levin, father/father-in-law of Barry & Stephanie Levin, from Deborah Heaney
In memory of Richard Petit, from Ronnie Shapiro
Julio Borquez & Merle Feldbaum
Theodore & Wendy Lawrence
Ronnie Shapiro
Howie & Lisa Saulles
Abner Taub & Liliane Sznycer
Mark & Leslie Rosenwasser
Jack & Cathy Marshall
Zach Alexander
Robert & Debra Levine

General Fund Year-End
Miriam Meisler
Marc Kessler
James Hallock & Cilla Tomas
Steve Ratner & Nancy Szabo
Marilyn Scott
David & Helaine Reid
Jeffrey Spoon & Terri Ginsburg
Fred & Rebecca Hankin
Lawrence Kestenbaum
Robert Axelrod & Amy Saldinger
Arthur & Renata Wasserman
Stephanie Newell
Michael & Beverly Kahn
Eva Taylor
Edward & Ellie Davidson
Justin Joque & Robyn Anspach
David & Barbara Heilveil
Jerold & Judie Lax
Charles & Julie Ellis
Gary & Rachel Glick
Roderick & Robin Little
With gratitude for the honor of being in the year-end fundraising video, from Betsy Mark

Library Fund
Annette Fisch
In memory of Reuben Mokotoff at the time of his yahrzeit, from Eve Mokotoff

Members Helping Members
In memory of Edward Yonovitz, from the Yonovitz family
In memory of Dr. Phil Margolis, husband of Nancy Margolis, from Gretta Spier & Jonathan Rubin
With deep appreciation for Rabbi Whinston and The Morning Blessings, from Anne & Hugh Solomon
In memory of Peter Freedman-Doan with heartfelt condolences to Ketl, Anya & Rachel, from Linda &
    Richard Greene
In continued appreciation for Rabbi Whinston & the early morning blessings, from Anne & Hugh

In appreciation of Rabbi Whinston for his caring efforts for our congregation, from Hugh & Anne
David & Susan Gitterman

Memorial Garden Care Fund
In memory of my sister, Hillary Handwerger, from Trudy Farrell
In memory of Philip Margolis, from D.R. Doll, Jr. & Family
In memory of Hillary Handwerger. We shall miss our long-time friendship, from Jay & Suzanne
In loving memory of Phil Margolis, from Andy Ludwig
In loving memory of Hillary Handwerger, from Andy Ludwig
In loving memory of my mom, Katherine Mayerstein at the time of her yahrzeit, from Andy Ludwig
Jonathan Rubin & Gretta Spier
In memory of Edward Riese, father of Lisa Perschke and grandfather of Abagail and Alexander

Melvin & Lois Levy Endowment
In honor of Cantor Annie Rose, from Stephen & Wanpen Modell

Music Fund
In memory of Deb Katz's Brother, from Richard & June Swartz
In memory of Ethel Ellis, from Nancy Pickus
In honor of Regina and Avishay's 23rd wedding anniversary, from Simone Yahuda & Barry Shapiro
Mazel Tov to Dave and Susan Gitterman on the birth of their grandson, Jonathan Anderson Gitterman, from Gretta Spier & Jonathan Rubin
Mazel Tov to Robin and Rod Little on the marriage of their son Andrew, to Caroline Cahill, from
    Gretta Spier and Jonathan Rubin
In appreciation of Myriad of Voices Program, from Trina & James Fuller
In honor of Kol Halev, from Regina & Avishay Hayut

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
In appreciation of Rabbi Whinston for his support to our family during Chuck's illness and shiva, from
  Deb & Ralph Katz
In memory of my father, Ellis Brownstein, on his yahrzeit, from Leslie Rosenwasser
In loving memory of our brother, Steve Gill, from Sylvia Gill
In memory of Ralph Lowenstein, father of Joan Lowenstein
In memory of Chuck Scott, brother of Deb Katz, from Andy Ludwig
In memory of Rabbi Whinston's aunt, Michele, from Andy Ludwig
With heart and soul felt gratitude to Rabbi Josh for leading Morning Blessings, from Andy Ludwig
In memory of my late father, Harry Rice, at the time of his yahrzeit, from Reva Bornstein
With appreciation to Rabbi Whinston et al. for TBE's webstreaming and guidance, from Trudy
In honor of Rabbi Joshua Whinston and his kindness, from Mary & Jonny Taylor
In memory of Gennadiy Nemtsov & Boris Gankin, from Leonid Gankin & Maria Vilinskaia
With thanks to Rabbi Whinston for a wonderful, creative and meaningful year. The services and
   programs have been such a comfort, from Miriam Shaw
In memory of Caryn Simon, from Stu & Ronnie Simon
With many thanks to Rabbi Josh for the Havadallah zoom fest. A wonderful reminder of NIFTY in the
    1960s, singing these songs at camp in Georgia, from Carol Levin
In appreciation of Rabbi Josh for his extraordinary effort and imagination continuing programming
    during COVID, from Corey & Terese Bertcher
In honor of Rabbi Whinston's leadership during these challenging times, from Grace Boxer
In memory of my courageous, loving friend Renee Saper, from Janet Roth
With thanks to Rabbi Whinston, from Elayne Chatlin
In memory of Phil Margolis, from Susan & Mark Orringer
In memory of Doris and Larry Sperling, and in honor of Rabbi Josh Whinston who helped my brothers
    and me through very hard times, from Anne Sperling and family
In memory of Murray Gruber, from Irmgard Gruber
With thanks to Rabbi Whinston for conducting a beautiful funeral service for our mother, Ethel Ellis,       from Julie & Charles Ellis, Jean Lawton & James Ellis
In fond memory of Marilyn Jeffs, from Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
To celebrate the life of Hillary Handwerger, from Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
To honor Irene Butter as she celebrates her 90th birthday, from Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
In appreciation of Rabbi Whinston, from Elise and Jerry Herman
In appreciation of Rabbi Josh Whinston as he leads our congregation through this pandemic, from
    Marcia Polenberg-Ramsay
In memory of Marvin Benjoya, from Emily and Jerry Miller
In loving memory of Yehuda Oren at the time of his first yahrzeit, from Gale Oren
In memory of Charles and Maxine Rosenbaum, from Abby Rosenbaum & Angelo Bick
With thanks to Rabbi Josh Whinston for his support during the difficult times, from Ryan & Lisa Gindi,
    Erik Campbell, Lauren, Justin & Sarah Saper
In gratitude for this wonderful community and the people who make it so, from Regina & Avishay
In memory of George Bornstein's friendship and competitive spirit on the tennis court, from Bob Bain
In memory of George Bornstein. Condolences to the Bornstein family for their loss.  Sending my love,
    from Emily Upfal
In memory of George Bornstein, from Michael, Nicole & Rowen Case
In memory of our dear friend, George Bornstein, we will honor and miss you forever. With love, Betty
    and Eric Rabkin
In memory of George Jay Bornstein, good friend, inspiring teacher and brilliant scholar. He will
    forever be missed and we will hold his memory dear in our hearts, from Jonathan Allison
In loving memory of dear George Bornstein, from Laura Case
In memory of George Bornstein, from Esther Ullman
In memory of Ben Bonnewit, Rachel Bonnewit-Sons, and Roza Trompetter-van Dam at the time of
    their yahrzeits, from Ed & Hanneke Bonnewit
In honor of the memory of my mother, Barbara Gilder Quint, from Douglas & Leslie Quint
In honor of the wedding of our daughter, Sarah Wolf and Matthew Field, from Devorah & Barry Wolf
Anne Lawrence
Michael & Lisbeth Fried
John Martin & Molly Resnik
From Paul Estenson & Rochelle Flumenbaum
Mark & Leslie Rosenwasser
Laura Wallace
Ashwin Dey & Jennifer Bernstein
Ira Fisher
Mindy Fricke
Deb Gaudette

Religious Education Fund
In honor of Rabbi Daniel’s new book, "Parashah: The Book of Genesis," from Harvey and Deborah Juster
In memory of Jim Keen Sr., father of Jim Keen Jr. Keen, from Noreen & Raymond De Young
In appreciation of Rabbi Daniel for his extraordinary effort and imagination continuing programming
    during COVID, from Corey & Terese Bertcher
Avishay Hayut & Regina Lambert-Hayut
Kudos to the clever and talented teams who presented two remarkable Purim Spiels. Happy Purim.
    With thanks, Jessica Schwartz
In appreciation of Rabbi Daniel Alter, from Ann Mark
Theodore & Wendy Lawrence

Ronnie Simon Professional Development Fund
In memory of my grandfather Daniel Darnell, from Lisa Perschke

Social Action Fund
In memory of Phil Margolis who was truly a blessing in my life, from Trudy Crandall
In memory of Phil Margolis, who was a remarkable human being in so many ways. May his memory
    be for a blessing, from Helene Rosenberg
In memory of Jay Meltzer, father of Amy Meltzer, from Richard & June Swartz

Spiritual Life Fund
In honor of Cantor Emerita Annie Rose, for offering us the deeply meaningful TBE Spiritual Book Club, from Andy Ludwig
In memory of Chuck Scott, brother of Deborah Scott Katz, from Gretta Spier & Jonathan Rubin
In memory of Seymour "Sy" Marvin Rosenwasser, father of Mark (Leslie) Rosenwasser, from Gretta
    Spier & Jonathan Rubin

In memory of Hillary Handwerger, from Annette Fisch
In memory of a beautiful person, Hillary Handwerger, from Nancy Margolis
In memory of Hillary Handwerger, from Jonathan Rubin & Gretta Spier
In memory of Hillary Handwerger and in appreciation of all the great things she did for WTBE & with
    everything that came her way, from Lois Godel & Jay Silverman
In memory of Hillary Handwerger, from Elise and Jerry Herman
In appreciation of Bette Cotzin. We'll always be sisters in looks and spirit! From Linda Bennett
Kenneth Handwerger

Year of Torah
In memory of Philip Stein at the time of his yahrzeit, from Edward Stein & Pat McCune
In memory of Deborah Stein at the time of her yahrzeit, Edward Stein & Pat McCune

Youth Fund
In honor of our children, from Inessa & Michael Gankin
In memory of Lenka Goldova, from Matthew Jane & Lauren Gold
In appreciation of the Blander family, from Kristin Schlegel

Youth Scholarship Fund
With thanks to Trina Fuller, from Betsy Mark
With thanks to Marianne Aaron, from Betsy Mark
TBE so appreciates all those who have donated to us and our community,
especially during this challenging time.
Beverly Fauman (Michael Fauman) on the death of her step-brother, Alex Trebek, November 8, 2020.
Liz Wierba (David Wierba) on the death of her father, Isaac Wierba, November 21, 2020.
James, Jr. Keen (Bonnie Keen) on the death of his father, Jim Keen Sr., November 24, 2020.
Jodi Wallo (Bill Wallo) on the death of her cousin, Robert Vanek, November 24, 2020.
Mark Rosenwasser (Leslie Rosenwasser) on the death of his father, Seymour "Sy" Rosenwasser,
    November 26, 2020.

Charles Ellis (Julie Ellis) on the death of his mother, Ethel Ellis, December 6, 2020.
Deborah Schild on the death of her cousin, Sylvia Shields Wolf, December 11, 2020.
Lisa Ensfield (Carl Ensfield) on the death of her father, Irving Borowitz, December 18, 2020.
Matthew Jane (Lauren Jane) on the death of his mother, Wendy Jane, January 5, 2021.
Abby Rosenbaum (Angelo Rosenbaum) on the death of her father, Charles Rosenbaum, January 12, 2021.
Jane Bornstein on the death of her husband, George Bornstein, February 2, 2021.
Steven Russman (Ruth Russman) on the death of his father, Paul Russman, February 4, 2021.
Carol Freedman-Doan on the death of her husband, Peter Freedman-Doan, February 14, 2021.
Barry Levin (Stephanie Levin) on the death of his father, Sander Levin, February 26, 2021.
Joel Weiner (Marcella Weiner) on the death of his father, Jerry Weiner, March 21, 2021.

Please note, this issue contains yahrzeits from February, April, May, and June.  
We continue to work virtually and have produced a combined bulletin,
and have included past, recent and upcoming names.

February 5 & 6
Esther Adler
Minna Adler
Mel Barclay
Ruth Berger
Rachel Bonnewit-Sons
Max Charson
Edgar Coapman
George Cook
Hy Eisenberg
Max Friedman
Carl Friedman
Eva Friedman
Jean Gentile
Rae Goldsmith
Albert Goldstein
William Gordon, Jr.
Arthur Graine
Arthur Greenspoon
Mickey Haskin
Rose Holiber
Sidney Kantor
Harry Kaplan
Frieda Lieberman
Ethel Liebowitz
Benjamin Lindenberg
William Lipson
Margaret Little
Samuel Markel
Jason Miller
Sidney Palay
Bernard Schwartz
Alice Sivak
Arnie Spellman
Philip Stein
Roza Trompetter- van Dam

February 12 & 13
Beatrice Adler
Arnold Bennett
Kathy Boxer
Kate Brann
David Caeser

Geraldine Cohen
Robert Dietz
Lloyd Elden
Esther Fisher
Paul Friedlander
Boris Gankin
Morris Goldman
Janos Gombosi
Anne Gordon
Sol Handwerger
Dorothy Hart
Miriam Hilfman
Larry Hiss
Julian Hurwitz
Lydia Jacobs
Raymond Kanagur
Justin Kestenbaum
Zina Kira
Alfred Klunover
Joseph Kores
David Kronick
Aliene LeSueur
Jacob Levine
Harry Lurraine
Caroline McDermott
Gittle Perlove
Rose Price
Earl David Roberts
Edith Rosenberg
Faye Roth
Tova Springer
Sarah Tilman
Randolph Weber
Murray Weintraub
Sam Zirinsky

February 19 & 20
Anne Bass
Ben Bonnewit
Harry Bornstein
Simon Borowitz
Renee Brower
Elsie Bubash
Harry Cohen
Marion Davidson
Jeanne Fair
Ethan Fishman
Warren Freiband
Yvette Glick
Ruth Rose Gramet
Henrietta Hamburger
Madeline Heumann
Steven Hymans
Marc Lerner
Charlotte Levendosky
Gloria Litwack
Hyman Mark
Sophie Meskin
Louis Miller
Sola Modell
Irwin Morrison
Sam Pickus
Edward Riese
Maxine Rosenbaum
Mary Rubin
Sol Sachs
Charnee Schatel
Irwin Schwartz
Mitchell Shaw
Sidney Siegan
Fred Silver
Nathan Silverman
Tibor Sivak
Donald Sklar
Katherine Stewart
Sarah Sunshine
Jakob Tomas
John Waidley
Stella Weisfeld

February 26 & 27
Rachel Barnett
Ellen Barocas
Morris Bernstein
Harvey Bertcher
Irving Boigon
Paula Brandis
Rob Bromberg

Ruth Bromberg
Judith Bruell
Milton Cantor
Abraham Copeland
Donald Deskins
Meyer Eisenberg
Lillian Fagin
Vivian Fealk
Ralph Freedman
Ben Freeman
Lena Gitterman
Ida Goldberg
Fay Grunner
Beatrice Hertz
Walter Juda
Ena Kahan
Martin Kalb
Evelyn Kessler
Roslyn Kolins
Dee Ann Levine
Charles Litt
David Markowitz
Vincent McMahon
Richard Meisler
Allen Menlo
Neal Millman
Robert Mitchel
Rochelle Mizrahi
Reuben Mokotoff
Dave Muskovitz
Matthew Nisbett
Harry Orringer
James Paradise
Ed Pirtle
Bronia Stone
Jack Sundelson
Goldie Taylor
March 5 & 6
Simon Beltzman
Stewart Bleckman
Ethel Bobroff
Benjamin Bulkley
Lori Burchman
Stuart Chosid
Elizabeth Copeland
Edward Erickson
Jerome Feldman
Mitchell Fisher
Sarah Flaum
Joan Goldberg
Neal Goldstein
Harold Goodman
Esther Kessler
Marilyn Koster
Harry Kuperman
Charles Levendosky
Jacob Levy
Harold Mark
Sarah Maybaum
Richard Mitchell
Ceila Pear
Ruth Pedreney
Joyce Pensler
Arthur Petit
Gerald Rosen
Florence Rosengarten
Ann Schron
Sheila Schwartz
Merle Shain
Charlotte Shebowich
Elsie Ungar
Eddie Wares
Barry Zweig

March 12 & 13
Dave Belzer
Jerome Bergida
Thelma Berman

Charles Bohm
Aharon Chajut
Sam Cotzin
Ellsworth Cowles
Stephen Domenick
Sam Freedland
Herbert Fromm
Leni Fromm
Lenka Goldova
Maurice Goldstein
Josef Kalman
Saul Kalman
Pinka Kalman
Minka Kalman
Beile Kalman
Beatrice Kantor
Bernard Katz
Gertrude Kotlarsky
Elaine Lauer
Michael Lavin
Kenneth Levine
Regina Lindner
Deszo Lindner
Eli Lipsitz
Benjamin Lipson
Alex Little
Lorajean Lockett
Benno Maier
Nancy Metzendorf
Lenore Miller
Martha Joan Mindelsohn
Michele Beth Mitchel
Ricki Nederlander
Ann Ohl
Paul Pensler
Lotte Rosenbaum
Joseph Rosenberg
Gail Rosenblum
Sherry Sachs
Myron Schecter

William Schulman
Julian Scott
Selma Shafiroff
Linda Shain
Anne Simon
Mary Spiegel
Mary Stewart
Corinne Szabo
Ann Teitelbaum

March 19 & 20
Philip Barocas
Girss/Zvi Bloch
Myrtle Boadway
Shirley Bockoff
Mildred Calef
Rose Croog
Arlene Dietz
Marjorie Fuller
Barbara Gilder Quint
Martin Godel
Miriam Hamburger
Henry Hankin
Bertha Herman
Dorothy Josephs
Adolph Kalman
Gloria Koenig
Michael Kornberg
Abe Kuperman
Ben Lerner
Shirley Levitt
Lois Levy
Sam Novetsky
Tillie Paisak
Moses Rubin
Juliet Rubin
Pearl Sandubrae
Dorothy Sigal
McHardy Maxwell Smith
Martin Smith

Sidney Soss
Roy Stancroff
Morris Stiefel
Anita Weiner

March 26 & 27
Stanley Baru
Donald Blieberg
Paul Boxer
Joan Burnham
Benjamin Calef
Bertha Densen
Pearl Dietz
Howard Fink
Thea Friedmann
Abbot Greene
Robert Grosse
Allen Horowitz
Helen Hume
Perry Jacobs
Alvin Krenitz
Gertrude Kuperman
Maurice Merion
Bernard Meyerowitz
Leon Miller
Evelyn Millman
Jerry Millman
Frieda Morgenstern
Mildred Pickus
Sylvia Reitman
Joseph "Barney" Roberts
Max Rubin
Debora Stein
Julius Young
Gerald Zwiren

April 2 & 3
Florence Ashin
Gerald Barga
James Blimmel
Leonard Burchman
Samuel Cossman
Mary Jo Crowe
Daniel Darnell
Joseph Domenick
William Egherman
Jack Fagin
Hortense Foyer
Edith Goldman
Florence Goodrich
Jane Greenebaum
Lloyd Greenebaum
Henry Greenebaum
Charles Horwitz
Nicholas Jupin
Robert Kaplan
Jeffrey Klivans
Hillel Levine
Harry Liebling
Florence Markle
Patricia Mattox
Nora McGuire
Irene Meketon
Norman Meketon
Rae Mike
Matilda Miller
Leo Newpol
Jack Reitman
Ida Scheid
Wallace Scheid
Ralph Shikes
Franklin Sidlow
Stella Sigal
Zelma Smith
Paulina Spivak

Josephine Tramer
Marcy Walker
Helen Waratt
Ida Weinberg
Ruth Zitomer

April 9 & 10
Sidney Altman
Miriam Barris
Barbara Bates
Jerome Boye
Korine Brieloff
Israel Cohen
Bart Cohen
Janel Fain
Franklin Fisher
Ernest Gentile
Jessie Gill
Lillian Goldman
Max Hart
Harold Horwitz
Tryna Jacobs
Mary Jedlicka
Elfreda Ketchel
Helen Lewis
Shirley Loundy
Cynthia Margolis
Cynthia Margolis
David Mayerstein
Ida McNichol
Charles Metzendorf
Annette Miller
Ethel Parent
Lilly Savishinsky
Lucille Schwartz
Alvin Scodel
Robert Spiegel
Alexander Szabo
Adeline Weissman

Harriet Wolfson

April 16 & 17
Herb Alpert
Ilene Barocas
Fanny Benjoya
Saul Bloom
Herman Bohm
Loy Hanna
Marc Holland
Chuck Irwin
Roberta (Bobbie) Lewis
Samuel Lindenberg
Simon Mike
Ethel Moore
Joseph Nupuf
Melvin Reinhart
Rae Rubin
Tova Salinger
Jacob Seeder
Charles Segaloff
Gertrude Silverman
Sam Taylor
Rhea Weiss
Evelyn Wiss
Margie Wright
Dorothy Yonovitz

April 23 & 24
Barnett Aaron
Max Belitsky
Norma Bernstein
Martha Caeser
Sheldon Ellis
Norma Goldman
Abraham Goldsmith
Sylvia Gottesman
Symond Gottlieb

Jenny Hertz
Rosa Isaacs
Milton Lipson
Jane MacInnis
Myrna Miller
Rose Minkoff
Miriam Palay
Fan Parker
Esther Pollans
Samuel Sborow
Michael Shafiroff
Michael Smith
Eleanor Sunshine
Joan Weinberg

April 30
June Bennett
Barbara Bull
Hannah Cohen
Leon Flumenbaum
Libby Flumenbaum
Brian Freedman
Maurice Friedman
Gussie Levine
Eli McCune Stein
Ruthann Newman
Allan Sack
Abraham Segel
Dawn Shavit
Harold Shumacher
Sam Shumacher
Max Sigal Jr.
Lisa Thalhimer
Anna Vishlitsky
Estel Wainer
Malcolm Weiss
Leza Zlotnek

May 1
Ida Hiss
Joseph Hiss
Paul Vanek
Simon Weinstein

May 7 & 8
Sarah Adelson
Elmo Crothers
Pauline DiPietro
Abraham Eisen
William Eisenberg
Bert Epstein
Harriet Fink
Sam Frank
Jack Freedman
Robert Gerberg
Samuel Honigstock
Ida Horowitz
Ruth Kouffman
Meyer Lipschutz
Harry Metz
Louis Modell
Alene Nagel
Gennadiy Nemtsov
Nancy Palchik
Paul Peters
Lillian Rice
Frances Rogers
Joseph Rothman
Helen Rubin
John Segall
Maxine Shell
William Shields
Rudy Spring

Samuel Teitelbaum
Marian Vreeland
Nathan Weisfeld
Jerome Winegarden
Abe Zitomer

May 14 & 15
Jessie Allen
Luther Baker
Janina Casper
Blanche Elden
Abe Feld
Sophie Gorne
Laurel Gutterman
Kenneth Hilfman
Robert Holiber
Sheila Huftel
Franka Iglewicz
Henry Lieberman
Elinor Ratner
Roland Rhodes
Nurith Rothstein
Zelda Scho
George Smith
Sadye Sokolove
Virginia Tainsh
Ben Weintraub

May 21 & 22
Jack Adelson
Gary Alter
Blanche Ariew
Rose Cantor
Max Densen
Milton Doner

Alexander Frank
Lee Geriveck
Steven Gradwohl
Chai Dweirah  Hurwitz
Maurice Kogan
Irving Kroll
Marilyn Kronick
Leon Lambert
Millie Levin
Hayun'a Litvinskaia
Mollie Matlin
Sally Meltzer
Sadie Meltzer
Joy Newman
Milton Ratner
Burton Rosen
Gustava Schleicher
Alex Schumansky
John Scott
Janet Shapiro
Ruth Shapiro
Elden Shell
Morrie Silverman
Nathan Solomon
Judith Sommers
James Springer
Alan Steinberg
Marvin Struminger
Bernard Unger
Lena Weiner

May 28 & 29
Gloria Bertcher
Bernard Bloomfield

Florence Calef
Pauline Cassel
Joseph Cohen
Lou Edelman
Mildred Freedman
Rose Glazman
Claire Grunner
Shelby Kershner
Ruth Kimball
Helena Levy
Irene Lewy
Alfred Lewy
Harry Lieberman
Martin Lindenberg
Paul Lindner
Jerry Markman
Alex Maybaum
Naomi Mirsky
George Mokotoff
Guy Newland
Alta Orringer
Anne Piehl
Celina Pliskow
Richard Reid
Selma Rosenbloom
Samuel Soss
Dorothy Sweeney
Alvyn Tramer

June 4 & 5
Gertrude Aaron
Nancy Adams
Mark Adler
Helen Barga
Risa Bernstein
Morris Brown
Archie Cohen
John Croog
Michael Dietz
Robert Forchheimer
Harry Fox
Katherine Fredman
Herbert Goodrich
Robert Graham
Oscar Hertz
Otfried Heybey
Betty Izenson
Margo Libstag
George Lockett
Ida Melnick
Phyllis Morris
Ruth Oser
Saul Parker
Charles Shafiroff
Jerry Sherman
Al Stolzenberg

June 11 & 12
Selig Alpern
Irving Ashin
Jerry Baronick
Norman Berger
Betty Braver
Oscar Bromberg
Victoria Fine
David Fine
Sarafina Friedler
William Gordon
Meyer Hermalin
Harry Josephs
Sylvia Lindenberg
Dorothy Newman
Sharon Orenstein
David Schuster
Jerry Stolzenberg
Aleck Weiner
Richard Wright

June 18 & 19
Alton Barnett
Irving Bernstein
Mitchell Cohen
Charles DiPietro
Dorothy Flier

Istvan Gardos
Barbara Greenspan
Louis Grunner
Mary Heller
Sarah Kirsch
Rose Levine
Rebecca Lindenberg
Aleck Mollen
Albert Moore
James Murt
Elizabeth O'Donnell
Dav Oettinger
Betty Oler
George Quint
Shirley Rosenwasser
Clarice Sidlow
Robert Smith
Herman Spier
Ilse Uhlmann
Henia Wolfe

June 25 & 26
Phillippe Benn
Elmer Benson
Barbara Bockoff
Ida Fox
Genandel Freedland

Rubin Guralnick
Sarah Hermalin
Lester Kessler
Meyer Lapedis
Rona Moscow
Roberta Perry
Miriam Rayberg
Bessie Rothman
Daniel Schleicher
Sherrel Shoher
Max Sigal
Julie Silverman
Edward Sterner
Henry Weiss


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